My upbringing revolves around custom home building. I’ve been involved in home building since the age of 12. Starting out sweeping up floors for inspection/ insulation and moving into rough carpentry, I quickly learned how a home comes together. Over the past 13 years, I have worked closely with just about every stage of construction, exchanged info with each stage on how to improve the end product and have gained knowledge of each stage of the custom building process.
Knowing what quality looks like is the reason I work with Bill Weber Jr. Homes. They have a proven name and know how to manage a job. They have a simple process, have excellent quality and are a local builder who has been a part of the community for over 25 years.

Steps seem to change for each individual project, but see below for a road map to your dream home.

Starting your financing early in the process is key to a quick start time. You don’t want to run into issues with the bank and you don’t want to be waiting around for appraisal.

Turn-key or construction loan? Don’t know the difference? That’s ok, check out this article here for a quick rundown. Ask your lender for their recommendation. Different builds have different financing paths. Talk to me early on so we can get you on the correct financing path and with the correct financing institution.

While it’s great to have an idea of where and what you want to build early on, that is not always the case:

  • The lot needs to fit the house
  • The lot needs to be in the area you are looking for
  • The lot needs to have the desired exposure

Finding the right place to build can be a challenge of its own. Take a look at my subdivisions map to see some of my recommended subdivisions.


Not finding the lot you are looking for? Give me a call and let’s look a little harder.


Not all lots cost the same to build on.  Not all subdivisions have the same exterior requirements, fees, ect. An experienced realtor is key in this field.


You need a realtor who can tell you what exposure you’re going to get and the extra costs associated with a build. I often see people running in circles at this stage. We also see people close on a lot too early and have little options for their build. We can make all lots work, but it’s always good to consult with a contractor before writing an offer.


I will help you narrow down the search and figure out which lot works well for your build and desired lifestyle. Once you found your desired location, let’s tie up the lot while we finish up plans and color picks.


Pick a plan from Weber Homes’ portfolio, modify it or start fresh. Bill Weber Jr. Homes does everything from starter homes to a completely custom multi-million dollar home. Watching your plan come together is truly where the magic happens. Customizing a plan to better suit your needs is simple and easy at Bill Weber Jr. Homes.

No longer do you have to wait weeks for each revision. Expect a quick turnaround time with their inhouse draftsman.

Once you tie up the lot, we need to get the Architectural Control Committee’s approval. You don’t want to be forced to close on a lot where you can’t build your dream home. This is also a great time to get all your color picks done so product can be ordered. Covid-19 has majorly impacted the supply chain. We have to order your product very early on in the process to ensure things stay moving.

This step is crucial and why I work with Bill Weber Jr. Homes. Mistakes are amplified in this market and choosing a contractor who has a lifetime of experience will help put less stress on you during this transition.

Close on the lot and the construction loan if using a construction loan. If using turn-key financing, the contractor will take ownership of the lot and watch Bill Weber Jr. Homes dig quickly afterwards. Now you get to sit back and watch your home come together!

Plan for certain milestones like electrical walkthrough, light fixture due dates and cabinet hardware due dates.

Next step, move in!